Month: January 2015

o Christmas tree.

The fiancé and I had a Christmas vacation this year…er, last year! I was between jobs and he had some time off from school. The timing worked out nicely and we were able to travel down to SoCal to visit our families together. And while on this vacation, we decided to take pictures with every Christmas tree we came across. I know, we’re silly. Here is a collection of the trees we encountered with some winter stories.     What are some of your favorite things to be photographed next to? Kittens, flowers, fire hydrants…? Share below!

first day of work.

Today was my first day at my new job! I was nervous and excited, as expected, and couldn’t sleep last night, but it turned out to be a very relaxed, easy-peasy day, filled with trainings and readings, having lunch with my new team, and ID picture adventures. Yup, it was also picture day, so I decided to maybe look nice. This outfit of the day was brought to you by Target (sunglasses, cardigan, and bag), random beach shop in Huntington Beach (zig zag top), Banana Republic (skirt – my gift to myself when I got the job offer!), and Nordstrom Rack (flats). I also accessorized with, as my Mom would call it, my ‘inheritance’ (sapphire necklace) and a handmade wrap bracelet. You’ll  be glad to know that I brushed AND flat ironed my hair, too. So how did my ID turn out? As expected, a little gross. C’est la vie! And now some tips for your first day: Wear layers – it could be chilly, it could be warm in your new office Prepare snackage and/or …

ready. set. go!

Early last year a close friend said to me “I can’t believe you don’t have a blog yet.” After a brief pause I responded, “I know right!” And so, here it begins. What better way to start the new year than with a new blog. Won’t you join me on this new journey? ‘Crafterateur’ has been on my mind for the last few months – a place where I can post about everything I love from my latest craft interests to local explorations and food adventures. This will be my space to relive my journaling days, — you know, back when words were written on paper and my penmanship was much neater — but now I get to share it with friends, family, and people I have yet to meet. Welcome to Crafterateur!